Atlantes portals re-modelled concrete Former Barclay’s Bank Johannesburg South Africa         2.0m height, each 700kgs. (1983)

Architectural, commissions & restoration works

St Johns masonic lodge re- modelled sandstone facade new carving( West Yorkshire 2010 )

detail of serpents head carving

These are of some of numerous projects and restoration undertaken over the years with expertise and utmost care working in international cities, Prague, Johannesburg, Moscow, and Tokyo etc.

Decorative rococo facade & pilaster remodelled and Restored ( Prague 1998 )


“lion’s head fountain” Carved Carrara marble fountain For wall niche 50cms

                3 6

3 7

Abstract Monolith” Public sculpture. Private commission Brussels, height 2.8m welded steel. 1994.

Bronze university wall plaque  Mounted in auditorium, made for UPE. 2m x 1m, weight approx 480kg

 PortElizabeth SA. 1974

Doric portal sculpture Bronze & mahogany 43cms.( 1996 )

Art Nouveau console & wall brackets 450 x 350mm ( 40 made ) fibreglass & gilded Moscow, Prague, London.



Restoration & re-built Neo classical Rocco style balcony brackets.  (Prague 1993.)  

 Bronze Zodiac gate & portal figures signs restored at Narodni Trida Arcade (Prague 1992)