My philosophy has been “art is unlimited” a horizon where art, sculpture is boundless in any form however there must be professionalism,

with flexibility to listen, to advise, to create in one’s own interpretations but to achieve what is needed describing a shape or form.




1971  London.  Started small “alexander studios” with private commissions Jaguar cars, A M studio’s,  Harringay stadium, Selfridges,  etc.

1973-89 South Africa. Working studio major clients, Anglo –American, Barclays bank, Architects, & interior Designers  ect, and many private commissions

1991  Prague. i restoration sculpture works affiliated UNESCO & private commissions continued till 1999

2000  Moscow. Sculpture restoration in city centre & private sculpture commissions, interior design themes.       

2002  England. (Yorkshire) in 2007 as “Aleksandr studios” continuing Sculpture, designs for galleries, clients, architects, commercial & public sculpture.         

2014  Returned back to Moscow where my sculptures & artworks works continue onwards.


sculpture & art commissions.

Exhibited internationally in many galleries, exhibitions and commissions, London, Prague, Moscow, Paris, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Italy, and Germany. 

culpture and artwork in all forms of variety in materials commissions, for purpose, private, or public works, unique sculpture or artwork to enhance designs or for architectural facades or surrounds.

45yrs wide knowledge & experience of art movements, styles themes, classical work to post classical or modern to avant-garde or abstract form

Besides the sculpture & art studio in depth knowledge on the technical side with a forge & foundry for non-ferrous

casting or fabrication,  stone sculpture “direct” or “indirect carving”  or moulding in synthetic materials,  clay, glass fibre, plaster, etc. 

Sculpture and artworks are created and finished within the studio or foundry, even very large commissions.

Knowledge and experience of moulding methods and techniques are imperative to achieve originality and quality,




Sculptor & Artist                 

Alexander Michal Sasin ,  father Russian and mother British, was born in the town Jablonec nad nissou  Czechoslovakia.                                                                 

1956 as diplomatic refugees we lived in Kensington, my father a jewellery designer in Hatton gardens London, in a basement workshop helping father

 where I could and experiencing at an early age working with metals.  Those early years not speaking English, I found it easier to communicate in pictures and art.  

At age of 10 in first exhibition came 2nd in junior London art competition with a formal invitation to the “Sloane square school of art” in Chelsea,

however As refugees my Parents were not able to afford a formal art education, I worked as a Trainee Artist Designer under Mr Arkinsall ( head sculptor )

Pedigree dolls & Triange toys)  they sponsored formal bursaries at London college, figurative art (1964) & Hammersmith Art college 1963/68  ( fine art )


My sculptures & Art a testimony of many years

of visual art in shapes and forms.


Alexander Michal Sasin.